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Pantheon - Chapter 2 by MegaLover93
Pantheon - Chapter 2
Lin felt like destiny kept something unique for her, but finding it out wouldn't be easy at all. Her commitment and devotion to achieve a better tomorrow were remarkable. The question is, will they be enough?

Previous chapter: Pantheon - Chapter 1
Next chapter: Soon
Story folder:…
Cover: Pantheon (Cover)
Pantheon - Chapter 1 by MegaLover93
Pantheon - Chapter 1
History is cyclical and future is daunting. The dominating elitist class is trying to lengthen the obscurest period ever known despite the purpose of certain persons to change it back and turn the tides by bringing new hopes to a numb population.


So this is the introductory first chapter, rather short. I'm going to divide the story into different volumes or arcs that will focus and follow an specific character and a different storyline each one. Space and time won't be linear here so leaps between them will be funny to use as this could give me unlimited options.
I'm trying to create some kind of atmosphere and background story, so expect no direct GTS action for the first chapters.

Also I'm going to activate the criticism thing if anyone is kind enough to throw their two cents. I'm not expecting much though.
Hope you enjoy.

Next chapter: Pantheon - Chapter 2
Story folder:…
Cover: Pantheon (Cover)
Pantheon (Cover) by MegaLover93
Pantheon (Cover)
So here we go for the hundredth time, I hope the few of you that are reading this will enjoy of what I'm up to as much as I'm doing.

You know I hate the original Writer fonts and displays, I always preferred the PDF file alternative as it seems more convenient and showy apart from offering tons of options that the limited Deviantart's text processor can not. It requires a preview image to go with so as I used to do with my previous story projects, I put together with my Photoshop skills some kind of cover, or visual, to properly accompany the texts and at the same time give you a hint of what is going on. I don't know if I will do some more in the future as those collages/photomanipulations are hard to adapt faithfully to the story, but I'm always open to potential fanarts he-he (how naive of me)


What is the meaning of life? Or the origin of universe? These are questions echoing in the back of the human mind since the dawn of times and many people tried to give a reasonable explanation to them, something that never came.
There are things in the macrocosm that science won't be able to explain and that's why religions prevailed so far. The belief of something, or someone far beyond our comprehension that in an act of sheer divinity shaped the form of Existence. The interpretation of Gods and all their forms.
They didn't know how close they were to reach the truth, to the grasp of the Pantheon of Ethereals.

First chapter: Pantheon - Chapter 1
Story folder:…
I know I said I was never going to write anymore, or at least share what I do publicly... but it's something I cannot avoid since writing stories is something that I always enjoyed and what I see here is not going to change my inner feelings. A few weeks ago I came up with a new project about one of my favourite themes, or rather a revised and improved version of an old one I left aside. If you know me well enough you'll know which one am I talking about.

I was reluctant at first to share it here as I thought it wasn't going to be a real change but then I remembered some words a friend of mine told me time ago about what to expect from this community when uploading a piece of art (specially when it takes hours and hours of work). And after thinking thoroughly about it, I decided to give it another try.

So I just wanted to let you know. To whoever is still interested, I will release something during this week. The cover of the story and maybe a short, polished first chapter. See you ;)
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